The return to school

I can nearly hear the sigh of relief from some parents as their little darlings are returning to school or college after the lovely long hot summer holidays!

Whilst it may be a relief for parents it can be quite a stressful time for some youngsters.  May be they are moving up to a new class/year or just starting or changing school.  These stresses and anxieties if not treated fast can turn into full blown phobias and come out in all sorts of different ways. Sometimes these can be very subtle and you may not notice for a while but usually they start to show extreme anxiety in some of the following ways

*Tummy aches,

*Head aches,

*Feeling sick


*Self harming.

School Phobia/refusal

As you will know, if your child suffers with school phobia which is sometimes referred to as school refusal, trying to get your child to school can turn into a nightmare situation, they are likely to go into a full blown tantrum, very disturbing for you the parent. This phobia is thought to be present in 1 – 5% of the population.  I can remember one of the children I used to take to school on my school run many years ago with this problem, it was very difficult to peal her away from her parents and settle in school.

If your youngster is showing signs of anxiety/stress please bring them to see me at the Practice and lets see if we can help them before a bigger problem arrises. The sooner we start helping the smaller the problem will be.

What you can do in the first instance

Listen to your child and give them one to one attention – they need to feel that they are being listened to and someone can help them with their anxiety or fears.

Always check with your GP that there is not a physical problem

Book an appointment to see Teresa at the Practice

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