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Sick and tired of not getting a good nights sleep?

Many business people I have spoken to recently here in Exeter Devon  have reported not getting a good nights sleep and having sleep problems as one of their top concerns. We all know what its like having to concentrating the next day at work and finding it really hard due to being tired. How different it feels to wake refreshed and ready to hit the ground running after a good nights sleep. Sleep p ...

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Stress related issues in the workplace?

 Did you know that stress has become a not-so silent epidemic and is slowly draining businesses financially around the world? According to one study in America it affects around thirty million workers a year costing their employers $15,000 per year, per affected employee!  In 2002 the European Survey of Working Conditions showed that the annual EU cost related to absenteeism due to work place stre ...

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Freedom and financial independence

Ha – so you thought being self employed would give you more freedom and financial independence! However in reality you have lack of freedom and work/life balance to cope with, possibly feeling guilty having to juggle home life and work, having the mortgage to pay, child care to juggle, sleepless nights & worrying about employees, not to mention that presentation you are quaking in your b ...

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Workplace problems can have devistating effects on your business

We all want and need our staff to perform well and feel 100% committed to their work, to have a great attendance rate and see spot on timekeeping, making a positive contribution to the company. However I am sure you know, at some point every business is likely to come across frustrating problems which can hold up business production – putting a spanner in the works, which could be related to ...

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It’s not all about work!

Are you hearing the words from family and friends “its not all about work you know?” I see so many people on my training courses in Exeter Devon that are bogged down with work and stress that they have forgotten about the outside world and how to enjoy life. Its really important to take time out for you, your family and loved ones, let them know its not all about work -they are importa ...

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Seven steps to control Stress and Anxiety

Loss of productivity can cost any sized company dearly if their employees are stressed and suffering anxiety problems. Here are seven ways out of the many that we teach a variety of successful clients hope W house us to keep their employees mentally balanced and happy. Hope you find some of these useful. To book onto our day course covering these snd many more skills book here Step 1. Mindfulness. ...

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Do you say what you mean?

Here’s a true story with an Important moral behind it. A little girl at primary school wrote what she thought was a lovely little story with a pretty picture of a house with a garden and the sun shinning. She took great care colouring it all I beautifully. She sat back and looked at her work feeling extremely proud then took it to show the teacher, expecting a gold star. The teacher looked a ...

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Are you feeling stressed?

Stress causes under-performance at work – leading to less productivity. Relationship and health problems can result in prolonged stress which can be a killer. Are your key team players underperforming because of stress? Remember that your statutory responsibility for your employees’ health and safety includes safeguarding them from under stress. Lowering stress increases productivity a ...

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Lack of management skills is harming small firms according to BIP.

They say that the performance of small and medium-sized firms is being impeded by a lack of leadership and management skills. According to research by Warwick Business School. Based on a survey of 2,500 firms in England with between five and 250 staff, the research examined links between management skills and practices, and their relationship with key measures of business performance. Among their ...

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