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Leadership & Management Skills

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Leadership & Management Skills

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Course Details

On this unique 3 day (run once a week over 3 weeks) Leadership & Management course you will be equipped with many tools and techniques to enhance your role as a Leader/Manager.  This is not a run of the mill Leadership/Management course – it is unique in the fact it is based on the powerful cutting edge techniques of the NLP toolbox and delivered to you in a small group with an experienced NLP Trainer Trainer from the Society of Neurolinguistic Programming (SNLP) with over 30 decades of business experience.

Good leadership – as I am sure you know means having your team along side you working towards a common goal. Having the right team fit can mean the difference between success and failure in any business and you will learn amongst many other techniques how to choose the right person for the right job and how to keep them.

This course will show you how to achieve excellence in communications, soft and People skills, which are essential in successful leadership of both a small and large business.  Based heavily upon the NLP tool box it will help you see why, and how to apply many methods to your leadership style.  You will learn your personality style and how to find that of others, which will enable you to build easy, rapid rapport.

The cutting edge communication techniques that you learn on this course will help you understand on a  deeper level how to become a more effective, skilful communicator. You will gain more confidence and become a more charismatic leader.   The tools we teach you can be used with immediate effect.

*All course materials provided

*Ongoing support should you require it.

*A certificate of attendance for your CPD.

Dates:  June 5th, 12th and 19th 2019.

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“This course has a very friendly, non – judgmental atmosphere, but challenges what you know about leadership and management. It gives you valuable tips and tricks on building rapport with anyone that you can apply at work, and builds confidence in doing so. It has been great for learning how to motivate and influence people, especially for a “beginner”. Teresa makes the entire process enjoyable too.  Amy Murnam The Empowerment Network UK.(TENUK). Bristol.


“I have found this course has added some insights, understanding and tools to my toolbox. I have used them during the course and will continue to use them within my work and personal life. The group dynamics were great and it was positive to work within such openness and sharing so we could also learn from each other. This dynamic was facilitated by Teresa. A good intro to NLP gives useful techniques that can be used personally and within business”. Natalie Wikie The Met Office Exeter.


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