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Hypnotherapy for Success in Business

Hypnotherapy for Success in Business

Hypnotherapy consultations by appointment.


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Any issues you have can have a ripple effect from your personal wellbeing into your business, be that insomnia keeping you awake at night leaving you tired the next day, fear of flying so you can’t get on that plane to seal the deal or something like IBS, Stress and Anxiety.

We have a Private Clinic in Crediton near Exeter to help you through times of frustration and anxiety  where you can come and relax in our serine environment and enjoy your treatment.  We have treated many business people for personal and work issues over many years previously in Harley St London and now exclusively in Devon.


Heres a few examples of what we can treat:

Fear of flying – You would be amazed at the amount of people that have turned work down because they were afraid to fly or travel until they came to us for help.

Fear of Heights – We have treated chaps from the Royal Marines who have to jump off cliffs, skiers afraid to go on the chair lifts, architects who have to be up on top of buildings to name a few!

Stress and Anxiety issues – Usually taking on to much work and not knowing how to cope with everything. Treated many MD’s and Business owners as well as Children!

Phobias – Wasps, needles, green beens (yes you read correctly) eating out, spiders, mice you name it there a phobia for it!  Very often this is a learnt thing and can be unlearnt. Sometimes phobia’s can arise due to stress and anxiety situations.

IBS – Very common and can be kept under control with hypnotherapy techniques.

Public speaking – Yes, the number one fear!  People would rather die than stand up and give a speech!

Insomnia – Two types, one can not get off to sleep and the other is waking in the night. Heres a Sleep podcast I made to help you

Benefits for your working environment  So how can Hypnotherapy be useful in the workplace? Well, if you are one of those lovely companies that look after their staffs mental wellbeing you are on track with govenemnt requirements and likely to keep your valuable staff. Hypnotherapy is a brilliant way to relax, unwind and keep stress levels under control and deal with underlying issues.

So what is Hypnotherapy?
Hypnotherapy is about changing unwanted habits which have formed in your subconscious mind at some point in the past. By giving your subconscious mind positive suggestions whilst you are comfortably relaxed these unwanted habits can be changed to positively benefit you. You will be aware of everything gong on around you and remain fully in control. It is important for you to know that we have no power over you at any time – this is not stage hypnosis!  You may become so relaxed and fall asleep be assured that your unconscious mind is always listening and will still take on all the positive things that we say. All you have to do it sit back, relax and enjoy the “you” time! Needless to say every thing is highly confidential.

So what does it feel like?

To sum up what it feels like, can you remember that lovely relaxed feeling whilst laying in the sun? Well that’s pretty much how it feels to be in hypnosis? Well, you’re not asleep but you’re not awake either – it’s rather like being in a daydream which is naturally something we all do at some point during the day, like whilst driving a car – suddenly you may realise that you don’t remember driving through a certain place on your journey this is often referred to as on “automatic pilot,” your mind being totally occupied by other matters. How many times do you “switch off” in the middle of a boring conversation or lecture, and daydream?

If left untreated, problems can create a ripple effect into other areas of your life, many and people find with the use of hypnotherapy that other problems seem to melt away.  As a rule of average 3 sessions are needed – however it may take more or less depending on the presenting condition.  This is not a long term therapy and we look for the quickest and most helpful way to help you.  Having said that some award winning companies employ us in their work place to relax their employees once a month to keep stress levels under control, which would would be happy to talk to you about.

So – Take control and book your appointment right now by phoning 01363 775935 or emailing at

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