Youngsters suffering with Exam Nerves and Anxiety

Are your Young folks suffering with Exam Nerves and Anxiety? 

Unfortunately our modern day lifestyles pile pressure on to our children from such a young age with ‘Learning Journals’ from the age of 2.5 documenting every tiny development to ensure that they are ‘on track’, to exams and assessments from the age of 6.

Such situations can increase anxiety in a child, however well rounded they may appear to be.  A developing lack of confidence could come from a 7 year old receiving a lower grade then their best friend, to a GCSE student feeling under pressure to study and achieve so as to fulfil expectations.

At such a young, impressionable age, care must be taken to ensure children remain happy and emotionally stable if they are to achieve success at life, not just at exams.

Schools which push too much pressure on to their children can ironically end up with lower results suggesting that emotional needs must start to be met and considered to be as important as maths and english.

Child line have revealed that there has been a dramatic increase in calls from children with anxiety issues over their exams, and shockingly, 43% of the pupils receiving at schools in the UK are under 11!

The high percentage of 13 years olds I am helping with anxiety and exam nerves at the moment speaks for its self. They have so little time to themselves now what with with piles of homework, revision and the added pressure to “do well” that they put on themselves it can all become to much. They are becoming so competitive and unable to understand if they feel they are under achieving- very worrying. Its not always the school/college or parents putting pressure on it is usually the youngsters themselves. So what can be done?  Very often by the time the young folk reach me their confidence is very low, they are very anxious and just need to calm down and learn how to relax and sort things accordingly. When I teach them coping techniques and self hypnosis – (which they all love!) it makes them feel in control and have the tools to help them through difficult times such as exams. I would be more than happy to help your young folks – you can either e mail me on or phone the office on 01363 775935 and arrange a good time for me to phone you for a chat. I treat children from 8 years upwards – look forward from hearing from you. Teresa.