A Therapists Guide to NLP

Therapists not using NLP in their Practice are behind the times! You need to keep up with cutting edge things to give your clients the very best and be the best you can be – I know you as good therapists will want to help your clients.

No doubt you may have touched on NLP somewhere but do you know how and when to use it with your clients? It fits so beautifully with other therapies and is so seemless. I have been using it for nearly two decades now and had the most amazing results.

What you will learn on this course.

*The magical NLP communication skills

*NLP Body language – literally get on the right side of someone!

*Build fast rapport – people will feel they have know you for years!

Learn how to activley listen – give your client 110% & make them realise they are special.

You will also learn the three prefered langauge patterns people use:

*How, when and not to use these langauge patterns

*How and when to use NLP with your clients – and not!

* Learn how to find your and your clients personality type.

We will look at what works best with what conditions and practice these skills in class. You will have the first hand knowledge of NLP Trainer Teresa who has trained with Dr Richard Bandler the co inventor of NLP in London and USA and Paul McKenna.

*All course materials provided

*A certificate of attendance for your CPD.

Dates for this course:

17th October 2018       Book Now