Ongoing Business Training is a must in any Industry that wants to be successful and stay on top of their game. Our training and development courses held in the Southwest deliver a suite of business skills based upon the powerful techniques of Neuro- Linguistic Programming (NLP), which is basically a communication method using certain language and body skills, which we make easy and fun to learn – other wise know as magic!
Having taken the most useful techniques from NLP and incorporated them into our unique business courses we will equip you with the tools you need to make you and your business even more successful. We can show you how to employ the right person for the job, brush up on soft and people skills, build fast rapport and how to create good team communication.
Importantly you can learn techniques to keep anxiety & stress under control, ensuring you have a healthy life/work balance whilst increasing your confidence and assertiveness.
Our course numbers are kept small as we like to sit on your shoulder, listen to your needs and give personal attention to help you see real dynamic positive changes for you and your business.
Book one of our courses and get ready to do business – or ask us about bespoke courses for in-house training.
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Teresa Bulford-Cooper MSc. Managing Director TBC Training.

Wellbeing & Stress Reduction Skills

Are you or your employees under-performing because of stress related factors and pressures? Stress can cause poor work performance, personal and professional relationship difficulties and health problems. Prolonged stress can even kill!

Dynamic Women in Business

This dynamic women in business workshop is for business women just starting out as well as those who are established and looking for that edge. We can show you how you can gain that cutting edge to compete in today’s business world.

Effective People Skills

In this unique people skills course, you will learn the important language patterns, body language, how to build a fast rapport with you clients and how to use them successfully in your business.  You will be amazed to hear how you will be able to use these people skills and see the difference with immediate effect.

Sales Skills

Good sales skills are a must for your business to succeed.   Selling your products is quite an art and a skill which needs to be in the now and not the past.  People no longer want to listen to a hard sell and you will lose business if you try this tactic in today’s market place.

Confidence & Self Esteem

This one day course will show you how to build self-confidence and self-belief/esteem.

It will help to put you in control and to be that happy person you long to be.

Leadership and Management

Have you recently promoted a Manager and want to help him/her gain support and respect from employees? Perhaps you feel you need help with leadership techniques yourself?

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TBC Training
Teresa is great at engaging and bringing people together.
Teresa is great at engaging and bringing people together in an environment to learn. She is challenging and caring, encouraging people to be the best they can be. Her openness, honesty and interest in others makes for a great supportive space for development.

All Courses

Current Training Courses for 2018.

For bespoke training or wellbeing for your organisation please do get in touch.

Empowering Women in Business  

November 21st

Effective People Skills

November 28th

Mental wellbeing in the workplace

December 5th

Clinical Hypnotherapy

Available by Private appointment.

Course dates for 2019 available shortly.



A Word From Teresa

Hello and thank you for visiting our website. We have a solid reputation as the champion facilitator of quality business training and coaching, with the powerful Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) toolbox at our core. Having taken the most appropriate areas of NLP and integrated it into the business world we are very proud to offer you the best business NLP facilitated training available. We deliver courses in Devon UK and other venues around the UK.  We also offer bespoke, personalised training programmes in-house.

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