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Freedom and financial independence

Posted By Teresa Bulford-Cooper

Ha – so you thought being self employed would give you more freedom and financial independence!

However in reality you have lack of freedom and work/life balance to cope with, possibly feeling guilty having to juggle home life and work, having the mortgage to pay, child care to juggle, sleepless nights & worrying about employees, not to mention that presentation you are quaking in your boots about!

Well the good news is that I am here to help, showing you how have to have a healthy work/life balance, have time to spend with your friends and family at the same time as growing your business, employing the right staff – and how to avoid the wrong ones, enhancing your communication and soft skills.

I help small to medium business who are having problems with the above and finding/keeping the right employees, life/work balance, people and soft skills & confidence building – oh and presentation skills!

Because I really care about my clients and like to give everyone personal attention my course numbers are very small – usually 6 – 8 so that I can sit on your shoulder and help you grow your business with you. The days are very enjoyable, interactive and relaxed -thats the best way to learn and held in Crediton 9 miles from Exeter at our Training Centre which offers free secure parking and free wifi.

So book onto our next cutting edged 4 day Leadership and Management skills course starting September 6th and lets see those problems get kicked into touch!

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Workplace problems can have devistating effects on your business

Posted By Teresa Bulford-Cooper

We all want and need our staff to perform well and feel 100% committed to their work, to have a great attendance rate and see spot on timekeeping, making a positive contribution to the company. However I am sure you know, at some point every business is likely to come across frustrating problems which can hold up business production – putting a spanner in the works, which could be related to:

☐ Staff/team issues

☐ Constant sickness leave

☐ Sloppy time keeping

☐ lack of motivation – not delivering on time

☐ A new promotion/manager/leader needing guidance

☐ Low self esteem and confidence on your part to ask what you want

☐ Lack of soft/people skills

Do you feel that your staff are not making the effort towards the success of your business? – We can help you by providing affordable, practical and swift solutions to your problems. Our training services are designed to help you achieve the result you want by showing you or your key people how to resolve these issues with employees/ customers – leaving you to do what you do best – get on with growing your business. Ask for a FREE non committal consultation – we are always happy to chat!

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It’s not all about work!

Posted By Teresa Bulford-Cooper

Are you hearing the words from family and friends “its not all about work you know?” I see so many people on my training courses in Exeter Devon that are bogged down with work and stress that they have forgotten about the outside world and how to enjoy life.

Its really important to take time out for you, your family and loved ones, let them know its not all about work -they are important too! Make time for them and let them see they are important, take time to listen to what they have to say and get involved in their world.

Research has shown that time away from work such as a weekend or day off is invaluable to let your brain rest and do other things.  You will return to work refreshed and achieve much more than pounding away trying to “catch up” or get ahead.

Try something different which will take you out of your comfort zone away from work and bring a little excitement back into your life.

Heres an example

Last week I went on a vegan cookery week end in Bath, I came away with a great feeling of achievement, learnt something new and spent quality time with my hubby and returned to work Monday refreshed and raring to go!

If you are suffering with stress and life/work balance check out our popular one day course in Exeter here.

I have helped so many people over the years with their business and personal lives on my training courses and with coaching sessions – don’t be that sad person slogging away and getting nothing but stress and long term health problems – do something about it NOW!

So remember its not all about work, you need to have a good life balance. Do something today and contact me here today and lets do something to help you.

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Seven steps to control Stress and Anxiety

Posted By tbctraining

Loss of productivity can cost any sized company dearly if their employees are stressed and suffering anxiety problems. Here are seven ways out of the many that we teach a variety of successful clients hope W house us to keep their employees mentally balanced and happy. Hope you find some of these useful. To book onto our day course covering these snd many more skills book here

Step 1. Mindfulness.

Sit/lay quietly and just reflect without analysing and take your time to: Listen – What you can hear, the sounds around you inside and outside, just accept them and let them be. What you can feel, your breath – rise and fall of your chest. How your body is being supported by the chair/bed. How you feel inside, your tongue, teeth the temperature on your skin, again just accept and let it be. Also what can you smell, taste?

Step 2. Be more organised

Meal times are a classic time people (especially Mums) get stressed or feel anxious about what to do for dinner that night! Can you find a time to have a cooking session and do the meals in advance? Pop some in the fridge/freezer? make a list of what to cook for the coming week?

Step 3. Priority List

Lists are great ways of organising. Make a priority list of things to do. Tick things off as you go down the list. No one but you is in charge of when and how things get done at home so give yourself permission to sit down and relax, have some “me time”. Get outside in the garden as much as you can, if you have get the kids get them involved in planting seeds, digging holes!! Give children some responsibility (within reason!)to help you. Kids love to help and feel helpful.

Step 4. Letters

Take a few moments to write letters (not e mails!) to people you care about and tell them why you like them – the reaction of this can be quite outstanding! Remember to say “because” give a reason why you like/love them. This is really powerful for a child to receive.

Step 5 .Analyse your feelings

Why am I feeling like this? What just happened to make me feel this way? What is the worst that can happen? What am I getting out of feeling this way? Whats it stopping me doing and why? Does anyone care?

Step 6. Spinning technique

Notice where the feeling is then what direction it is moving. Give it a colour and spin it out in the direction it is moving. Stop, change the colour then spin it back in the opposite direction.

Step 7. Control that inner voice

Stop the negative talking in your head, tell it to shut up and ****off! Tell yourself I can do this, I can do that, I am great at this that and whatever else I want to do Sing anything (you can’t sing and stress at the same time!) For ultimate results book onto our one day course where you will learn life changing techniques to keep you and your employees happy and stress free at work.

Next available course: May 6th 2016

Venue: Exeter Golf and Country Club

Time: 10am – 5pm

Investment: £197.00 per delegate

Book now Tel: 01363 775935 All course material and refreshments provided


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Do you say what you mean?

Posted By tbctraining

Here’s a true story with an Important moral behind it.

A little girl at primary school wrote what she thought was a lovely little story with a pretty picture of a house with a garden and the sun shinning. She took great care colouring it all I beautifully. She sat back and looked at her work feeling extremely proud then took it to show the teacher, expecting a gold star. The teacher looked at the little girls work and said, “it’s wrong” the little girl went back to her desk and rubbed out what she thought the teacher might be saying was wrong. She then wrote a different word over the rubbing out and took it back to the teacher. The teacher once again said “it’s wrong”. The little girl once again went back to her desk and rubbed out what she thought was
wrong, by this time there was a big black rubbing out mark but she wrote again over the top. She returned to the teacher feeling frustrated now as she could not understand what she was doing wrong and her beautiful master piece was looking spoilt from the rubbing out marks. The teacher again told her it was wrong, she returned to her desk for another rubbing out but this time the paper had rubbed thin and as she rubbed it it made a big hole in the page. By now she was disheartened and began to cry as she couldn’t understand what was wrong with her beautiful master piece.

The moral of the story. Communicate exactly what you mean in the language they understand, it saves misery, misunderstanding and possibly a life time of feeling a failure not knowing why!

To become gain experience in these vital communication skills and become a fantastic leader book onto our Leadership and Management course today.

The techniques that you learn on the course will help you understand more deeply about communication, learning how to do this more effectively. You will gain more confidence using various techniques along with many more skills that you will be able to use with immediate effect.

You will be presented with a certificate of attendance on completion of the course.
Contact us today about improving your skills and effectiveness as a leader.

Course dates: April 6th, May 4th 2016, May 18th, June 1st, June 22nd.
Location: Base Point Exeter.
Times: 10am – 5pm each day
Investment: £1497.00 per delegate
Book now Tel: 01363 775935

All course materials provided + lunch & refreshments
Free on site car parking.


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Are you feeling stressed?

Posted By tbctraining

Stress causes under-performance at work – leading to less productivity. Relationship and health problems can result in prolonged stress which can be a killer. Are your key team players underperforming because of stress? Remember that your statutory responsibility for your employees’
health and safety includes safeguarding them from under stress.

Lowering stress increases productivity and effectiveness, and reduces the number of working days lost to sickness.

How can we help you?

By Inviting us into work place so we can spend an hour with you/your employees providing relaxation, using our well trusted techniques – which can be applied in a group setting or on a one to one basis. This is a service which we already provide to award winning companies on a monthly basis, keeping their staff stress levels to a minimum. Just imagine a happy productive working environment, how much more productive that would be.

For further in depth training on Stress release techniques why not book onto our one day course on May 6th at Exeter Golf and Country Club Exeter 9.30 an – 5pm for an investment of only £197 per delegate.


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Lack of management skills is harming small firms according to BIP.

Posted By tbctraining

They say that the performance of small and medium-sized firms is being impeded by a lack of leadership and management skills.

According to research by Warwick Business School. Based on a survey of 2,500 firms in England with between five and 250 staff, the research examined links between management skills and practices, and their relationship with key measures of business performance. Among their findings, researchers discovered that firms with more highly skilled managers and good people management practices benefitted from higher turnover and better rates of employment growth and productivity. The report concludes that underdeveloped leadership and management skills and a failure to adopt management best practices are constraining the performance and growth of a significant number of small firms in England. For more details and a copy of the report, go to: says-report

How we can help your. Business

TBC Training are experts in delivering Leadership and Management skills using NLP techniques. We know that a 5 day release of your employees can be disruptive so we offer this course over a period of 2-3 months on a one day basis. The techniques learnt on the course will enhance your understanding on a deep level teaching you effective communication, you will see importance of getting it right. You will gain more confidence using various techniques along with many more skills that you will be able to use with immediate effect. On completion of this course you will be presented with a certificate of attendance.

Our next course will take place on May 4th, May 18th, June 1st, June 22nd 29th June Venue: Base point Exeter. 10am – 4pm. Investment: £1497.00 per delegate

All course material provided, lunch &refreshments included.


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