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Confidence and assertiveness

Confidence and assertiveness



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Is Lack of confidence and assertiveness holding you back? 

Are you the person with a lack of confidence and afraid of being assertive thats being taken for granted, being put upon by others as you are seen to be to nice to say no – wanting people to like you?

Are you wanting a promotion or pay rise at work but scared to ask for it or to shy to speak up for yourself, maybe just need a little help?

Perhaps you are a person in business who needs to be taken more seriously or afraid of taking that next step?  Well you maybe relieved to hear that you are not alone, confidence or the lack of it I know can be crushing and stand in the way of your emotional and professional freedom. So be brave and do something about it – if you always do what you’ve always done you always get what you’ve always got, in other words something needs to change for you to go forward.  This workshop will be very supportive and help you see and hear how you can move forward

Book onto this relaxed and friendly workshop to see how you can step into that person you want to be.

Attending this workshop will:

*Show you how to become that confidence person waiting to get out!

*How to take control of life

*Ask for what you want

*Build your self esteem and confidence

*Show you how to communicate better.

This course builds on the very powerful tools of NLP techniques which you will learn on this workshop to take away and practice.

A Hypnotherapy CD  Raising your Self Esteem and Confidence professionally recorded by Teresa will be available to purchase on the day for £10 with proceeds going to TBC Trainings chosen charity of the year TENUK


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