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Coaching for success

Coaching for success


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Coaching for your success in Exeter Devon

TCA shortlisted International Coaching Awards 2017

Are you

  • Are you feeling stressed or and anxious
  • Not succeeding for some reason or can’t see your way forward?
  • Stuck in a rut and don’t know what to do next?
  • Procrastinating?
  • Having organisation/time keeping issues?
  • Feel like you’re not reaching your full potential?

Well, you are in luck because you are bang in the right place to get that help you need – with some coaching. Professional Coaching is a must in today’s climate if you want to be truly successful in what you are doing. Teresa from Exeter Devon is a dynamic and adept Coach with many years of experience who will use her extensive professional training and engaging manner to guide you into a positive and confident direction, intelligently unlocking your full potential.

Using a variety of coaching techniques used in her practice in Harley street, including NLP Teresa can help you get to the core problem which maybe standing in the way of your growth, helping you move forward.


You will be in good hands as Teresa has an incredibly high success rate and an increased level of self-esteem and happiness are a guaranteed part of the process. Former Harley Street Coach Teresa has trained extensively in London and USA with world-renowned Paul McKenna and the co founder of NLP, Doctor Richard Bandler. She is a licensed qualified NLP Trainer with The Society of NLP and Studied for two diplomas with The London Academy of Coaching

Working one to one by Skype or telephone means International coaching is available and you don’t have to take time out to leave the office and travel. Face to face sessions are also available in your work place or outside venue in Exeter and surrounding areas.



“ Teresa’s wonderfully calming and positive approach to her coaching enabled me to talk openly and find clarity with what I wanted to achieve from our sessions.Through my sessions with Teresa I have gained the confidence to turn my dream of starting my own business into a reality. I achieved more in my ten sessions with Teresa than I have in the last couple of years both in my end goal and in building my own self-esteem.It is truly amazing how effective Teresa’s coaching methods are at giving you a solid platform to succeed and I would highly recommend coaching sessions with Teresa to anyone struggling to know where or what to do with a situation they are facing.Life coaching with Teresa has completely turned my life around and I am so grateful to her for helping me get to where I am now and for the confidence I have gained in being able to deal with challenging situations and keep going. ” Katie. Exeter


Pauline V from Totnes said:
Two coaching sessions via skype and I’m already feeling calmer, more in control and with an actual feasible plan for world domination with my business and I didn’t even need to leave my desk. Teresa asks the right questions and really listens. She is able to decipher from my hysterical ramblings just what the problems are and has helped me to find realistic solutions with humour and patience and level headedness just when I needed it. Would absolutely recommend TBC training to others in the business community.” 

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