Our Leaders of the Future – lacking soft skills

Hello everyone, hope you are enjoying this wonderful summer. The long holidays for the young folk are already here for some and about to start for others. Just thinking about our leaders of the future as it’s such an important time for them. Lately, I have been working with quite a few 6th formers who are preparing to take the next step in their future, be that onto Uni or out into the work place. It always amazes me how most are so un prepared at this stage, they are either looking forward to a long lazy holiday or maybe thinking of applying for a job. As our future Leaders, this can be a startling realisation of how laid back they are and some times down right flippant about their future! Its the great wonder if hormones in most cases as most parents will know! Most it would seem are lacking in soft skills which is very worrying as it’s so important in business these days.

Recently my colleague from the Kings School in Ottery St Mary Devon (where I have frequented many times to help the youngsters) brought an article printed in the Independent news paper to my attention titled: School leavers ‘lack skills for work’

Apparently, one in three business leaders are concerned at youngsters’ poor attitude to work, while more than half (52 per cent) are dissatisfied with school leavers’ communication skills.

– Business leaders called for schools to better prepare young people for the world of work.

– John Cridland, CBI Director-General, said: “Businesses feel very strongly that the education system must better prepare young people for life outside the school gates, or risk wasting their talents. The journey from school towards the world of work can be daunting, so we must support schools and teachers to help develop the skills, character and attitudes students need to progress in life.”

Obviously, I have to agree as this is the very things I go into schools and colleges to coach youngsters on – those all important soft skills. These days it is not enough to have great exam results the young folk need to know how to work in teams and alone, they are expected to have good communication and time keeping skills. They need to be on top of their game, knowing how to dress accordingly, how to conduct themselves in an interview and the all important C.V.

I have coached in many colleges and schools where the young folks have no idea that they even possess some of the skills to write on their CV’s. Having played in a team at school can count as team work, dog walking, paper rounds or waiting at tables are using many skills which they are not aware of. It gives me so much pleasure when I ask them if they have used communication skills and they say no – to realise that actually they have and been developing them along the way! They just need the confidence and the know how to make the best of themselves.

You owe it to your young folks to have the best start and have the best future that they possibly can – ask me into your school and colleges or ask about one to one sessions to coach your young leaders of the future or better still enrol them on our soft skills for teenagers course.