NLP in Business Training Course Nr Exeter, Devon

4 day course.

Did you know that sucessful business people like Richard Branson have known that the power of using NLP techniques in business bring them amazing lasting results. NLP Business training is a huge success and has been used for quite a few years now without many people realising. Teresa form TBC Training has trained intensely with the world leader and co founder Dr Richard Bandler both in London and the USA and 500 fortune trainers to be the best she can be for you and has taken the most powerful, successful tools of NLP and created it to fit the corporate environment. We are very proud to offer you this fantastic cutting edge business training course.  

See how NLP business training can benefit you

These techniques can be applied to all areas of life, including:

*Marketing Business
*Personal Development
*Leadership Skills
These techniques can be used to:

*Teach and apply effective communication
*Ensure continual personal development
*Enhance learning
*Encourage a greater enjoyment of life
*Improve negotiation and sales results
*Improve rapport and relationship

Next course dates: TBA

Time: 10am – 4pm

Venue. TBC Training Centre, Crediton Exeter Devon. EX17 5BW

Free secure on site car parking.

All course materials, lunch and refreshments provided.


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