This is one day course held in Crediton near Exeter is specifically for Therapists/Coaches.  Therapists not using NLP in their Practice are behind the times! You need to keep up with cutting edge things to give your clients the very best and be the best you can be – I know you as good therapists will want to help your clients.

No doubt you may have touched on NLP somewhere but do you know how and when to use it with your clients? It fits so beautifully with other therapies and is so seemless. I have been using it for nearly two decades now and had the most amazing results.

What you will learn on this course.

*The magical NLP communication skills

*NLP Body language – literaaly get on the right side of someone!

*Build fast rapport – people will feel they have know you for years!

Learn how to activley listen – give your client 110% & make them realise they are special.

You will also learn the three prefered langauge patterns people use:

*How,when and not to use these langauge patterns

*How and when to use NLP with your clients – and not!

* Learn how to find your and your clients personality type.

We will look at what works best with what conditions and practice these skills in class. You will have the first hand knowledge of NLP Trainer Teresa who has trained with Dr Richard Bandler the co inventor of NLP and Paul McKenna.

Each delegate will receive an attendance certificate for their CPD  purposes and a manual to take away containing all we cover.

Date of Course. Friday 28th July 2017

Place. TBC Training Centre, Crediton, Devon. EX17 5BW

Time. 10am-4pm

All course materials, lunch and refreshments provided.

Free on site secure parking

Free wifi but no phone signal!






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Have you thought about using Hypnotherapy to help you resolve issues and reach success? We have a Private Clinic at TBC Training Centre in Crediton near Exeter to help you through times of frustration and anxiety  where you can come and relax in our serine environment and enjoy your treatment.

Clinical Hypnotherapy is a quick safe and efficient way in helping you resolve your issues and many professional people have used us to overcome them – heres a few examples:

Fear of flying – You would be amazed at the amount of people that have turned work down because they were afraid to fly or travel until they came to us for help.

Fear of Heights – We have treated chaps from the Royal Marines who have to jump off cliffs, skiers afraid to go on the chair lifts, architects who have to be up on top of buildings to name a few!

Stress and Anxiety issues – Usually taking on to much work and not knowing how to cope with everything. Treated many MD’s and Business owners as well as Children!

Phobias – Wasps, needles, green beens (yes you read correctly) eating out, spiders, mice you name it there a phobia for it!  Very often this is a learnt thing and can be unlearnt. Sometimes phobia’s can arise due to stress and anxiety situations.

IBS – Very common and can be kept under control with hypnotherapy techniques.

Public speaking – Yes, the number one fear!  People would rather die than stand up and give a speech!

Insomnia – Two types, one can not get off to sleep and the other is waking in the night. Heres a Sleep podcast I made to help you

Benefits for your working environment  So how can Hypnotherapy be useful in the workplace? Well, if you are one of those lovely companies that look after their staffs mental wellness you are on track with govenemnt requirements and likely to keep your valuable staff. Hypnotherapy is a brilliant way to relax, unwind and keep stress levels under control and deal with underlying issues.

So what is Hypnotherapy?
Hypnotherapy is about changing unwanted habits which have formed in your subconscious mind at some point in the past. By giving your subconscious mind positive suggestions whilst you are comfortably relaxed these unwanted habits can be changed to positively benefit you. You will be aware of everything gong on around you and remain fully in control. It is important for you to know that we have no power over you at any time – this is not stage hypnosis!  You may become so relaxed and fall asleep be assured that your unconscious mind is always listening and will still take on all the positive things that we say. All you have to do it sit back, relax and enjoy the “you” time! Needless to say every thing is highly confidential.

So what does it feel like?

To sum up what it feels like, can you remember that lovely relaxed feeling whilst laying in the sun? Well that’s pretty much how it feels to be in hypnosis? Well, you’re not asleep but you’re not awake either – it’s rather like being in a daydream which is naturally something we all do at some point during the day, like whilst driving a car – suddenly you may realise that you don’t remember driving through a certain place on your journey this is often referred to as on “automatic pilot,” your mind being totally occupied by other matters. How many times do you “switch off” in the middle of a boring conversation or lecture, and daydream?

If left untreated, problems can create a ripple effect into other areas of your life, many and people find with the use of hypnotherapy that other problems seem to melt away.  As a rule of average 3 sessions are needed – however it may take more or less depending on the presenting condition.  This is not a long term therapy and we look for the quickest and most helpful way to help you.  Having said that some award winning companies employ us in their work place to relax their employees once a month to keep stress levels under control, which would would be happy to talk to you about.

So – Take control and book your appointment right now!

If you need some convincing on how great we are here are some testimonials to browse through!

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An Introduction to NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming)

Have you heard of the magic of NLP and want to find out more – or maybe never heard of it?

TBC Training are giving a 2 hour interactive workshop that includes an explanation of what NLP is and how you can use it to sprinkle magic to transform your business and personal life giving you that cutting edge.

You will learn by doing practical exercises to:

*Do what successful people do which can make you successful too!
*Put a stop that negative inner voice and attitude
*Become more assertive & confident
*Communicate in three different ways and build rapport fast!

This workshop is for anyone who has an interest in learning about how you can make positive changes using simple NLP techniques to benefit your work and private life.

Our workshops are limited to a very small group, so book your place now to avoid disappointment

Full day workshops are also available to book and are priced individually; please call us for further information.

This workshop is led by Teresa Bulford-Cooper from TBC Training & Coaching – a former Harley Street NLP Trainer, Personal Performance Coach & Clinical Hypnotherapist to award winning companies with decades of experience.

Cost: £37 per person
Place: TBC Training Centre Crediton Devon EX17 5BW
Time: 10am – 12pm
Date: Tuesday 20th June 2017

Free secure onsite parking & Wifi.

Please note: No Mobile phone reception

No class scheduled yet.

NLP in Business Training Course Nr Exeter, Devon

4 day course.

Did you know that sucessful business people like Richard Branson have known that the power of using NLP techniques in business bring them amazing lasting results. NLP Business training is a huge success and has been used for quite a few years now without many people realising. Teresa form TBC Training has trained intensely with the world leader and co founder Dr Richard Bandler both in London and the USA and 500 fortune trainers to be the best she can be for you and has taken the most powerful, successful tools of NLP and created it to fit the corporate environment. We are very proud to offer you this fantastic cutting edge business training course.  

See how NLP business training can benefit you

These techniques can be applied to all areas of life, including:

*Marketing Business
*Personal Development
*Leadership Skills
These techniques can be used to:

*Teach and apply effective communication
*Ensure continual personal development
*Enhance learning
*Encourage a greater enjoyment of life
*Improve negotiation and sales results
*Improve rapport and relationship

Next course dates: June 8th/15th/22nd/29th

Time: 10am – 4pm

Venue. TBC Training Centre, Crediton Exeter Devon. EX17 5BW

Free secure on site car parking.

All course materials, lunch and refreshments provided.


For in bespoke house training in Exeter please contact us for details


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Introduction to DISC Profiling Exeter, Devon

Do you want to know the what really holds you backs from being successful, and how you can find your true personality traits and those of your employee’s – then this course is for you!  DISC profiling is really something you should be using when taking on new staff – employing the wrong person no matter how great they interview could cost you a lot of wasted time and money!

So what is DISC Profiling?

Disc profiling is a modern very useful interpretation of Dr. William Marston’s behavioral dimensions.

In Marston’s research he discovered four quadrants of behavior which can help to understand a person’s behavioral preferences.

Dominance – Fast Paced & Task Oriented
Influence – Fast Paced & People Oriented
Steadiness – Moderate Paced & People Oriented
Conscientiousness – Moderate Paced & Task Oriented

People who understand their natural behavioral preferences are far more likely to pursue the right opportunities, in the right way, at the right time, and get the results they are looking for.

What will you learn?

You will find and explore your personality style and see how you interact with others and how each member of a team discover what it is that either makes them have difficulties with some people and get on well with others.  Importantly you will learn how to understand and work alongside the other personalities to keep things running like clockwork in your business. We all need these different personalities in the work place to ensure progress and good dynamics.

Who should attend?

Useful for everyone.

Next course: August 15th 2017

Time: 10am – 4pm

Venue: TBC Training Centre, Crediton Nr Exeter Devon. EX17

Free secure on site car parking & free Wifi

All course materials lunch & refreshments provided.

Our courses are very informal and relaxed as we know this is the best way for you to learn – when you’re having fun!

For bespoke in house training or Coaching  in Exeter please contact us – we would love to see how we can help you.


DISC Profiling Exeter, Devon Bristol UK

No class scheduled yet.

Coaching for your success – Exeter Devon

Are you feeling stressed or and anxious, not succeeding for some reason or can’t see your way forward? Well you are in luck because you are bang in the right place to get that help you need – with some coaching sessions.  Teresa from Exeter Devon is a dynamic and adept Coach with many years of experience.  She will use her extensive professional training and engaging manner to guide you into a positive and confident direction, intelligently unlockyour full potential.

Using a variety of coaching techniques used in her practice in Harley street, including NLP Teresa can help you get to the core problem  and help you move forward.

You will be in good hands as Teresa has an incredibly high success rate and an increased level of self esteem and happiness are a part of the process.  Teresa has trained extensively in London and USA with world-renowned Paul McKenna and the co founder of NLP, Doctor Richard Bandler. She is a licensed qualified NLP Trainer with The Society of NLP and a qualified Coach with The London Academy of Coaching

Working one to one by Skype or telephone means International coaching is available and you don’t even have to take time out to leave the office and travel. Face to face sessions are also available in your work place or outside venue in Exeter and surrounding areas.


Coaching in Crediton,Exeter,Devon.UK
Your friendly Coach Teresa

Please contact Teresa for further information.

What our clients say:

Pauline V from Totnes said:
Two coaching sessions via skype and I’m already feeling calmer, more in control and with an actual feasible plan for world domination with my business and I didn’t even need to leave my desk. Teresa asks the right questions and really listens. She is able to decipher from my hysterical ramblings just what the problems are and has helped me to find realistic solutions with humour and patience and level headedness just when I needed it. Would absolutely recommend TBC training to others in the business community.” 

“ Teresa’s wonderfully calming and positive approach to her coaching enabled me to talk openly and find clarity with what I wanted to achieve from our sessions.Through my sessions with Teresa I have gained the confidence to turn my dream of starting my own business into a reality. I achieved more in my ten sessions with Teresa than I have in the last couple of years both in my end goal and in building my own self-esteem.It is truly amazing how effective Teresa’s coaching methods are at giving you a solid platform to succeed and I would highly recommend coaching sessions with Teresa to anyone struggling to know where or what to do with a situation they are facing. Life coaching with Teresa has completely turned my life around and I am so grateful to her for helping me get to where I am now and for the confidence I have gained in being able to deal with challenging situations and keep going. ” Katie. Exeter

No class scheduled yet.

Women in Business Exeter Devon

This dynamic women in business workshop held at TBC Training Centre, Crediton near Exeter is for business women just starting out as well as those who are established and looking for that edge. We can show you how you can gain that cutting edge to compete in todays business world. Successful women in business have known for well over two decades that the power of using NLP techniques in business brings them amazing results.  This course is based on the powerful NLP tool box and will open your eyes when you hear how it can work for you and your business – you will be amazed how quickly you can implement these techniques in your business and home life.

TBC have taken the most powerful and successful tools of NLP and created it to fit the corporate environment.

See how NLP can benefit you

NLP techniques can be applied to all areas of life, including:

*Marketing Business
*Negotiation skills
*Personal Development
*Leadership and Management Skills
*Team Building

NLP techniques can be used to:

*Teach and apply effective communication
*Ensure continual personal development
*Enhance learning
*Encourage a greater enjoyment of life
*Improve negotiation and sales results
*Improve rapport and relationships

Next course dates:  Wednesday 5th July 2017

Time: 10am – 4pm

Venue: TBC Training centre Crediton Exeter Devon. EX17 5BW

Free secure on site car parking. Free wifi

All course materials,  lunch & refreshments provided.

For in house training in Exeter or Bristol please contact us for details


No class scheduled yet.

People Skills – Business Training course Exeter, Devon

This dynamic People Skills course held near Exeter is based on the powerful NLP Tool box.

In this interactive people skills training course we will cover the areas shown below and look at how to use them successfully in your business.

You will be amazed to hear how you will be able to use these people skills and see the difference with immediate effect in face to face communications, telephone, emails,and written correspondence, presentations, meetings, team briefing etc.

Communication Skills

Learn to listen more effectively

Learn the cutting edge languages used for ultimate rapport

How to match and mirror elegantly

Be able to connect and build rapport with people fast.

Learn how to interpret body language more effectively and how to Interpret eye movements.

Learn to listen to the different tonality of voices and the ability to interpret words more effectively


Attitude Skills

How to be a much more positive person

How to turn negative situations into positive situations

How to transform our everyday language to be more positive


Belief Skills

Find what limiting beliefs you may have that are holding you back

Learn how to change any limiting beliefs to empowering beliefs

Confidence Skills

Increase your self esteem and self confidence

Become more enthusiastic and have a can do attitude

Learn relaxation techniques

Team Dynamics

Learn how to understand the different qualities of people in your business and communicate more effectively with your team members and the public.

Next available course:  October 18th.

Time: 10am – 4pm

Venue: TBC Training Centre Crediton Nr Exeter. EX17 5BW

Free  Secure free on site car parking & wi fi.

Please note there is no mobile signals here!

All course materials, lunch and refreshments provided.

For bespoke in house training and Coaching in Exeter please contact us for details


No class scheduled yet.

 Team Building Training Course Exeter, Devon

Building Teams for Business

For your business to be healthy and grow it’s essential that teams work well together so team building is a must. Having teams that are harmonious while competitive is vital to the success of your organisation.  Based on the powerful NLP tool box used on this course, managers can grow their analytical and motivational skills to achieve better performing teams. Your team will be able to recognise and develop their place to extend the team’s overall performance, achievements and productivity.

Positive Contributions

This day course shows an in depth understanding of the dynamics involved in the interaction within a team, how to optimise their own role and performance to the strength of the team. Our techniques will help your team members feel confident in their place and responsibilities, helping them to contribute positively. Managers will find these NLP techniques and DISC profiling will allow them to communicate more effectively.


The next course:  May 11th 2017.

Time: 10am – 4pm

Venue: TBC Training Centre Crediton Devon. EX17 5BW

Free Secure on site car parking.

All course materials and refreshments provided.

For bespoke in house training in Exeter please contact us for a chat

Calendar of Course

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Reducing Stress in the workplace  


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