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Stress Reduction Skills

Are you or your employees under-performing because of stress related factors and pressures? Stress can cause poor work performance, personal and professional relationship difficulties and health problems. Prolonged stress can even kill!

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Confidence & Self Esteem Building

This one day course will show you how to build self-confidence and self-belief/esteem, put you in control and be that happy person you long to be.

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Team Building Skills

It's essential that teams work well together. Whether it be internal team dynamics or managerial skill. Having teams that are harmonious while competitive is vital to the success of your organisation.

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Motivation and Goal Setting

Motivation and goal setting are the keys to success in most commercial and competitive environments. This course can motivate you and your employee's to do well by learning how to set work and personal goals.

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Presentation Skills

Even the most confident people can turn to jelly when having to speak in front of others. This presentation course specifically for presentation skills, it is aimed at improvement in areas that are needed when making a presentation.

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Leadership and Management

Have you recently promoted a Manager and want to help him/her gain support and respect from employees? Perhaps you feel you need help with leadership techniques yourself?

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Teresa's sunny disposition and optimism is infectious
"I met Teresa within my role at The King School as the Careers and Work Related Learning Co-ordinator. As part of my role I run a Business Forum whereby members of local businesses come into the school and help me help the students with various careers related days, an opportunity to share their experience and knowledge with students. Teresa has always been willing to volunteer her time and help me in many capacities. One example is with the Year 11 ...

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A Word From Teresa

Hello and thank you for visiting our website. We have a solid reputation as the champion facilitator of quality business training and coaching, with the powerful Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) toolbox at our core. Having taken the most appropriate areas of NLP and integrated it into the business world we are very proud to offer you the best business NLP facilitated training available. We deliver courses at our Training venue in Devon UK, venues around the UK, and of course, bespoke, personalised training programmes in-house.

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Building Confidence course Nr Exeter Devon UK

Blog posts

7 ways to increase your confidence

Posted By Teresa Bulford-Cooper

It never stops to amaze me when I am talking to company directors, CEO’s, HR folks through to the person on the shop floor how lacking in confidence they can be. The higher up in a business a person is the more they try

Dealing with the unexpected.

Blog posts

Dealing with the unexpected

Posted By Teresa Bulford-Cooper

Walking along a beach in Barra Scotland recently I came upon an unexpected scene! These cows were quite happily standing on the beach minding their own business, having clearly escaped from an a joining field where the fence was down. It made me think about

Exam nerves & Anxiety

Blog posts

Youngsters suffering with Exam Nerves and Anxiety

Posted By Teresa Bulford-Cooper

Are your Young folks suffering with Exam Nerves and Anxiety? 
Unfortunately our modern day lifestyles pile pressure on to our children from such a young age with ‘Learning Journals’ from the age of 2.5 documenting every tiny development to ensure that they are

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