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Ongoing Business Training is a must in any Industry that wants to be successful and stay on top of their game. Our training and development courses held in Crediton near Exeter Devon UK deliver courses based upon the powerful techniques of  NLP

Having taken the most useful and powerful techniques from NLP and incorporated them into our unique business courses to equip you with the tools to make your business even more successful.

We can show you how to employ the right person for the job, brush up on Soft and People skills, build fast rapport and good team communication.

We offer Leadership & Management Skills for management positions to enhance your team building and leadership skills. Showing you techniques to keep Anxiety & stress under control, ensuring you have a healthy life/work balance.

Our course numbers are kept small as we like to sit on your shoulder, listen to your needs and give personal attention to help you see real dynamic positive changes for you and your business.

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Teresa Bulford-Cooper MSc. Managing Director TBC Training.

Stress Reduction Skills

Are you or your employees under-performing because of stress related factors and pressures? Stress can cause poor work performance, personal and professional relationship difficulties and health problems. Prolonged stress can even kill!

Women in Business

This dynamic women in business workshop held at TBC Training Centre, Crediton near Exeter is for business women just starting out as well as those who are established and looking for that edge. We can show you how you can gain that cutting edge to compete in today’s business world.

People Skills

In this unique interactive people skills training course, we will cover the areas shown below and look at how to use them successfully in your business.  You will be amazed to hear how you will be able to use these people skills and see the difference with immediate effect.

Sales Skills

Good sales skills are a must for your business to succeed.   Selling your products is quite an art and a skill which needs to be in the now and not the past.  People no longer want to listen to a hard sell and you will lose business if you try this tactic in today’s market place.

Confidence & Self Esteem

This one day course will show you how to build self-confidence and self-belief/esteem.

It will help to put you in control and to be that happy person you long to be.

Leadership and Management

Have you recently promoted a Manager and want to help him/her gain support and respect from employees? Perhaps you feel you need help with leadership techniques yourself?

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TBC Training
Teresa is great at engaging and bringing people together.
Teresa is great at engaging and bringing people together in an environment to learn. She is challenging and caring, encouraging people to be the best they can be. Her openness, honesty and interest in others makes for a great supportive space for development.

A Word From Teresa

Hello and thank you for visiting our website. We have a solid reputation as the champion facilitator of quality business training and coaching, with the powerful Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) toolbox at our core. Having taken the most appropriate areas of NLP and integrated it into the business world we are very proud to offer you the best business NLP facilitated training available. We deliver courses in Devon UK and other venues around the UK.  We also offer bespoke, personalised training programmes in-house.

Latest Blogs From Teresa

Check out the latest blog articles and features from TBC Training giving you top tips and information here first.

6 Tips to help you stay on top of your game in Business

How to stay on top of your game Many people in Business, especially start up’s are under the impression that you need to work 24/7 thats not the case unless you want to drive yourself into the ground. So here’s a few tips to keep you fresh, sharp and on top of your game 1.Make sure you work when you are in mental work mode, for instance my peak time is early morning and early evening, I get more done then than in the 9am – 5pm fashion! Although having said that Inspiration pops up at unexpected times when I just go for it while its there. 2.You wont be at your best if you are slogging away tired and hungry. Make sure you are getting enough sleep/rest, you wont function on all cylinders if you are tired or hungry. You need to feed that brain and let it rest! 3.Eat sensibly, good quality fresh food, stay off the fast foods and to much booze, they are heart attacks waiting to happen. I am a great believer as most successful business people are in health body, healthy mind…. Healthy body doesn’t mean you have to slog it out in the gym (having said that I have a PT 3 times a week to try keeping me fit). If thats not your bag try finding an activity which you enjoy and provides you with that exercise to keep your mind sharp. If you enjoy it you are more likely to do it! 4,Trust your instinct, if it looks, feels and sounds good go for it! 5.Make sure you take time to spend with your loved ones, take note & engage in what they are doing. I have met so many business people with broken marriages and ex partners – didn’t see it coming because they had been so engrossed in what they were doing they didn’t take time for their relationships – these have to be worked at too – success is not all about material things and its no good trying to build something for your future if there’s no-one there to share it with! 6.Dress the way you want to (if of course its the type of business where you can!), you will feel more at ease and be in your own skin so to speak, thus look and importantly feel more confident. Believe me I know quite a few multi millionaires who knock around in – shall we say very relaxed clothes and look as if they don’t have two pennies to rub together! They have nothing to prove to anyone so they don’t care how they look or what people think or say about them! So there you go, as they say, be yourself (not sure who else you could be!) relaxed but sharp, dress comfortably, look after your health and you are giving yourself a good sound platform for a healthy you and a healthy business. If you would like to know how I can help you achieve a healthy balanced lifestyle just drop me an email ( I will be happy to help. Till the next time, be well. Teresa. M.D. TBC Training & Coaching.

7 of my secrets to being a successful Woman in Business

Having been a woman in Business for over 3 decades I have seen, heard and experienced many changes over the years. Fortunutly unlike some women in business, I have never really found there to be any problem in dealing with male colleagues, quite the opposite actually, they have in the main been most respectful, although I do remember a couple of sexual harassments from a couple of dickheads (am I allowed to say that!) many years ago which was uncomfortable to say the least but dealt with it head on.  Being a woman in Business is not always easy but it’s what you make it that counts.  I have the deepest respect for any woman in business as it can be a tough journey but my goodness what a fantastic trip it can be. When I first started out as a woman in business it was as a self-employed commercial photographic model which seems another  lifetime ago, whizzing here there and everywhere, life was shall we say, challenging at times! I was married with two small children and trying to juggle travelling to London and abroad for work around school runs and after school activities, I am sure you know how much fun this is!!   Thank God for parents!  I wish I had had the skills back then that I have now knowing how to juggle work and home life and stay sane! On retiring from my modelling career I took on a franchise and ended up becoming the Franchisor – owning 14 other franchisees, talk about going grey overnight! Anyway – many years later and many business ventures later here’s 7 secrets of my success I want to share with you. Be positive Learn when to say no but be flexible, understanding, helpful and…polite!  Yes, its all possible. Most importantly believe in yourself and “go for it.” Be happy in your own skin Smile and laugh – if you relax so will your clients! Listen – something more people should learn to do. Be ready to lend a helping hand and expect nothing in return. I have dealt with big global companies like BP and ICI over the years down to the individual person so I have picked up some good negotiation and people skills along the way.  No one taught me by the way – I had to learn as I went along back then in the day as they say – which sometimes was pretty painful! Still there’s always something to learn form every experience.  Mind you I have studied a lot since those days and learnt a lot about using NLP, Hypnotherapy and Coaching in business which has really helped me both in business and my personal life. So where am I going with this? Well, I have always been a person who takes great reward from nurturing others and wanting to pass on my knowledge so here I am offering you a place on my courses at TBC Training in Crediton to come and sit by my side so I can sit on your shoulder and help you with your business issues no matter how small you think they are or how big – there’s always a way. Maybe you just need some confidence in certain areas or build up your self-esteem or maybe need some communication/people skills to help you negotiate and sell. Anxiety and stress are things to keep on top of as they can be real killers – as I well know! My courses are friendly, relaxed and fun with no more than 8 people so you are assured of my undivided attention. Please do contact me for further information – I am always happy to have a chat – and a coffee if there’s one going! 01363 775935 Our latest course on Women in Business is in June 2018 – here’s a link to book on and a brochure for you to download. Warmest wishes Teresa. x

Women In Business can be successful

The world is full of strong, ambitious, committed, and dedicated women in Business. Some want to conquer it while others just want a better future for their loved ones and rightly so. In the business world women have become successful bosses; running their own companies or leading major ones.  For example  if you look at the early centuries, women have made their way to the top changing the world with their leadership qualities. Look at Katharine Graham; she became the first female CEO of the Washington Post in 1972, a 500 fortune company. Her legacy is an inspiration to women in the corporate world. It is not easy for women in business in a leadership role, being undermined often comes with the territory, and the pressure can be pretty extreme. However many women, don’t give up easily and with determination they come out that much stronger – we only have to watch Dragons Den to see thats true!. In many developing countries, there’s an increase in women owning micro, small or medium enterprises. Unfortunately in many cases, these businesses do not mature due to challenges which they feel they can not overcome – which can have an effect the country’s economy. Understanding and addressing specific barriers like Confidence and assertiveness communication, soft skills, people skills and sales skills can provide a solution that can set the economic power of women on the right path of success. In some countries, the government support the development of women by providing the necessary resources – personally I think this should be expanded as they have a lot to offer. In developed countries, women are gaining power in the corporate world which is a huge inspiration to many. For example look at Hillary Clinton who may not have won the USA Presidency, but she fought among bulls and did not bow out till the end. Her gender did not discourage her; instead, she became a role model for Women. Her Confidence stood her in good stead! Running a successful business is not a walk in the park. In fact, it can threaten one’s sanity at times, believe me I’ve been there a few times! Problems unfortunately don’t come with a solution. It just takes time with numerous turns to get you to the top. However with help from TBC Training & Coaching we can make the journey to success less painful providing valuable informative Training courses and Coaching. Check out our next Women in Business Training course an book on today.